Deep Dive is a system for beach litter analysis and data collection in the Arctic. To solve the problem of beach litter, decisionmakers need to understand the sources and causes of litter. Most beach litter monitoring protocols do not provide this information., and the Deep Dive method is designed to fill this gap.


The Deep Dive method enables a better understanding of where beach litter comes from and why it ends up on shorelines – knowledge that can be used to improve practices and policies and ultimately help clean up our seas. This free platform is designed for researchers, university students, and others interested in conducting beach litter research in the Arctic.

Self-Guided Module

Find out how to conduct your own Deep Dive beach litter analysis, designed for use with students, researchers, leaders, or concerned citizens.


Deep Dive Step by Step

Get detailed directions for analysing beach litter and collecting meaningful data. Read More >>


Involving Stakeholders

Gather additional insights by inviting community leaders and industry representatives. Read More >>


Data Portal

Submit and share data from your Deep Dive. Read More >>


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